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Where do the miscreants go?

SmokeeeG and the Triple E is a Father and Son variety stream team from South Texas who started in March of 2018 with a little known Gung Ho game called Let It Die.

Since then their Top 10 streamed games casts a wide net. They have everything from Escape from Tarkov and Realm Royale to 7 Day and Conan, down to the more cerebral games like Endless Space and the Age of Empires series Smoke played with Pops growing up.

As a result they have stitched together a tight and welcoming community over the years with wide interests and life stories that isn’t afraid to toss a little (or a lot) of shade at the streamers and each other.

Be sure to catch all the shenanigans every Mon, Wed, Fri, and Saturday starting at 10:30 CST!